PhotoDUDS software compatibility

Adobe Photoshop
All photoDUDS products are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3 & higher, both mac & pc.

Adobe Photoshop ELEMENTS v.8 on mac
All files from our products will work in Adobe Photoshop Elements v.8 and higher, unless noted below or on their product pages in the online store. These product exceptions contain files in Layer Groups which Photoshop ELEMENTS is not able to read. We have noted which products are NOT Elements compatible below.

All products also now display a graphic stating if they are Photoshop or Elements compatible.
If you are using Photoshop Elements, look for this graphic prior to purchasing.

These products are NOT Adobe Photoshop Elements compatible:

Other Software Compatibility

We try to test our products on other major image editing software, however, our expertise is with Photoshop and we can't keep up with all of the software changes. We cannot guarantee photoDUDS will work with all of the other software out there. We suggest you download our freebies and test your software compatibility.

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