Marathon Webinar
Creative Photoshop Tips
Originally aired July/11/2010
{You can still access and purchase this webinar}

Follow along during this live demonstration in Photoshop as Beth discusses various tips for creative design which will help to set your studio apart and define your style. Key elements of design will be discussed as well as helpful shortcuts to expedite the creation of studio products such as albums and collages as well as creative portrait design.

* Understanding and using clipping masks
* Creative portrait design--using textures and overlays to enhance your images
* Creative collages to increase your profits
* Adding overlays and brushes to give tired backdrops a new look
* Creating an album page spread with ease.

Marathon Webinar
What's the Buzz All About
Originally aired May/5/2009
{You can still access and purchase this webinar}
Cost $35

The 21st century requires a new approach to marketing; especially when you are trying to reach Generation Y. Join Beth Forester, M.Photog, Cr. as she discusses how to reach out to the senior client through word of mouth marketing and create a "buzz" about your studio. In her program, she will discuss such topics as: the psychology of the teen client, branding your studio, viral networking with Facebook, creating buzz-worthy product lines, and selling the senior portrait experience.
* Word of mouth marketing vs Traditional marketing
* How to ignite buzz
* Internet marketing 101-EZ: facebook, blogging, and podcasting
* Creating demand in your market area
* Branding and the importance of your identity
* Buzz-worthy services, products and ideas
* The "Purple Cow" and what does it mean to your studio?.

Imaging USA
Seniors My way
Originally aired January/14/2011
{You can still access and purchase this webinar}
Cost n/a

Pre-convention class
with Beth Forester and Jim Lersch
Limited to 100 students

Two award-winning, successful photographers share how they each found success in the senior portrait market, providing a host of ideas to for you to tweak for your own business.

When a commercial shooter is stealing senior business away from established portrait studios in his area, you need to learn how and why--and that's what Jim Lersch is going to share. He'll show you how to adapt your lighting techniques (with a commercial edge) to make extremely creative senior images. Add those techniques to Jim"s one-on-one time with the students, and you'll see how he's created a leading edge of demand. He'll also show a few set photos to prove how easy it is! You will even hear (from seniors) what seniors think and what YOU need to think about as a senior photographer. For example, Jim will discuss a list of the questions that he asks his seniors to "get into their minds" and how color plays a key role in finding out who they really are.

Beth Forester will also share insight into her own success in the highly lucrative market of senior portraiture. As she has experienced, running a profitable senior business requires studios to sell their "brand" before the first image is even taken. Beth will discuss how to "wire in" to the teen mind, how to reach out to them through viral marketing and how to create "brand demand," which will ensure higher sales averages. From before the initial phone call to the final sale, she will reveal her everyday tips and tricks for cornering the senior market in your area.

Two brains are better than come enjoy these unique, profitable takes on senior photography!

Marathon Webinar
Creative Images and Unique Products
Originally aired September/20/2009
{You can still access and purchase this webinar}
Cost Free

Part photoshop tutorial and part webinar on designing for profits... join Beth as she discusses how to use photoDUDS to create unique images as well as products which will increase your bottom line.

* Designing 101
* Using brushes to enhance your photos
* Working with overlays
* Designing items to increase your sales
* Working with Masks
* Blending modes
* Creating your "own" templates

Marathon Webinar
"Selling" the Senior Client
Originally aired June/2/2009
{You can still access and purchase this webinar}
Cost $35

The art of "selling" the senior client is not just about what happens in the sales room. In this demanding market, we have to "sell our brand" to the senior before the first photo is ever taken. In this program, Beth will discuss how to connect with the teen client and start selling to them even before the first contact. She will also discuss effective ways to increase your senior sales both before and after the session.

* Creating "brand" demand
* Paper proofs and profitability
* Increasing your average sale
* Understanding and guaranteeing sales minimums
* Creating products "for" the senior client
* The art of the upgrade
* The art of giving
* Unique and "buzz worthy" product lines

Marathon Webinar
Originally aired April/7/2010
{You can still access and purchase this webinar}
Cost $35

From newborns to teens and everything in between, join Beth as she discusses successful strategies for operating a profitable boutique studio. From running successful marketing campaigns to developing successful portrait programs, she will cover all the tools necessary to increase both your sales and profitability.

Beth will also discuss how to effectively use "out of industry" retail strategies in your business to ensure that your studio will be profitable all year round. From limited edition sets to holiday portrait events, Beth will show you how to make more money in fewer days and thus, increase studio gross.


* Baby Plans
* Event Specials
* Creating new sales from old sessions
* Designing unique portrait products
* Digital files vs. prints
* Holiday Madness
* Using coupons and incentives to increase your sales
* Reward Programs
* Building client relationships

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